About the Retro-Ish Gaming Critic

At the moment, this site is updated and “maintained” (the term applied loosely) solely by the Retro-Ish Gaming Critic, also known as David.  Born in late ‘Seventy-Eight, he was enamored with video games since first getting his hands on an Atari 2600, and that infatuation only deepened as time passed.

Though there are many and varied definitions of the term, he tends to focus on the type of casual gamer that is at least moderately interested in “mainstream” video games, but A) doesn’t have the time and/or the money to play every single new game out there, and B) May find enjoyment in their games in somewhat different ways than the stereotypical “hardcore” gamer.  There are many ways to enjoy a game, and there are many video games of today or near-today, and the casual gamer has more options than they may realize.

He also thinks that part of the gaming fandom doesn’t have as much attention, services, nor people writing directly for them as it deserves, and has started this site to address that.  While today’s games may offer something for them, few casual gamers have the inclination and money to spend on new games, so that leaves a focus on older games.

Since his generation grew up with systems like the N.E.S. and SEGA Mega Drive/Genesis, coupled with a drastic shift in gamer mentality required, they remember those consoles quite well, and likely still have them and their games.  As such, David focuses on systems like the Dreamcast, PSOne, PS2, and X-Box, though is known to dive into the odd older P.C. game here and there, since those might not be as well-remembered or the games may not be possessed.  He started with posting reviews on GameFAQs, but believed the ability to embed links in reviews, along with the desire to share more “conversational” thoughts on gaming in general, would better serve his target audience.

Thus this site was born.

David can be easily contacted via e-mail.  Just remember that the address is “retroish_gaming_critic” and the service is “ymail.com” (that address also works for M.S.N. and Yahoo! instant messaging clients).  He’s more than happy to receive e-mail, and though he might not be truly prompt in replying, he’ll do his level best.


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