About the Flash Game Reviews

Flash games are an interesting subset in the gaming hobby.  They’re usually “smaller” projects, completed by only one programmer, or a very tiny team of friends.  Most don’t take long to complete, and many aren’t all that “deep”—but they’re also fun as heck.

Some people, even some gamers today, may only think of Flash games as the ones on Facebook that want you to spend real, hard-earned money so you get the chance to spend more money.  Those are actually the minority, though it may not seem like it at times.  That’s partly the purpose of the Flash game reviews—there are interesting games out there, whether “simple” or “complex”, that only ask you to have a good time.

Generally speaking, the Flash game reviews will be a good bit shorter than the console or computer game reviews.  By and large, the Flash games themselves will be a lot shorter; many console or computer games will take you six, ten, fifteen hours to complete—or more.  That works just fine since you’re paying quite a bit for a new game, so you’d expect to get your money’s worth.

As with the console and computer game reviews, there isn’t any set “schedule” with posting, and also like with them, I’ll be generally aiming at older Flash games.

Flash games will be held to a different standard than console and computer games—being smaller programs, made by far fewer people, and usually only for fun, they get a lot more lee-way than their “big brothers” would.  One main difference is in the stories—simply put, most Flash games don’t have much in the way of a story, but the medium generally doesn’t tend to offer such as a real selling point, either.  As such, not having a story or much in the way of one isn’t an immediate strike against a specific game.

Flash games can be, in their way, as interesting as console and computer games, and I hope to show that.  They can also be as much of a let-down as their “big brothers”, and I hope to show that, too.  They’re just a different expression in the medium, without being necessarily inherently “better” or “worse”.


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