About the Console and Computer Game Reviews

Every now and then I’ll post a review of a console or computer game.  I do my best to give as much information as possible so, ultimately, the reader can decide for him- or herself whether to purchase the game in question.  I do use a scoring system, added to the end of the review.  That’s partly for ease, and partly to give a rough “short hand” of the review itself.

As for scoring, this site started with a basic one-to-ten system.  However, I started thinking on it, and decided that was over-complicating the process.  As such, now we’re using a very basic one-to-three scoring system, with “bad”, “average”, and “good”.  That’s it.  That should clear up any confusion and neatly avoid potential problems (and I’ve gone back and edited the scores on previously-published reviews to reflect the updated system).

Generally speaking, I work on anywhere from one to three reviews at a time.  I work one to basic completion, or to a “first draft”, then as I work on another one I’ll have the other(s) up so I can glance through them and check for spelling errors, see if a fresh look can grant the most clarification, and so on.

Reviews don’t really go up on a schedule; most reviewers, whether professional (as in “earn money for their work) or otherwise tend to do one a week.  That’s great, since their focus is either more broad or more toward the “hardcore” gamer, the type who is very skilled and/or can spend many hours at a stretch playing a game.

As this site is geared more toward the sub-sets of casual gamers who may not be very skilled and/or may not have much time to devote in one session, I take a bit longer to post reviews so I can do a bit more research into the game itself, to make sure that when I say this game should be purchased or that one should be passed, it’s as accurate a statement as I can make it.

While reviews again don’t really have a schedule, a rough estimate would be one every few weeks weeks or so; somewhere in that admittedly-loose time frame.  Again, that extra time is taken to make sure I have a deep enough understanding of the game to provide you, the reader, with the best, most well thought-out, and informative review I can.


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