About Guest Submissions

Now and then you’ll find a guest submission, which can be—anything.  As long as it’s at least tangentially related to video games of our recent and/or not-so-recent past, I will happily accept them.  They can be for anything—musings, reviews, a guest spot for a Tuesday’s Top Ten or Friday Flashback Five.  I’ll publish the article myself under the appropriate moniker the submitter prefers, or the submitter can opt to create a WordPress account and we can see about letting them publish directly.  There are only a few things I would ask:

  1. For one thing, keep things clean.  This is a blog that parents can feel comfortable letting their young-ish kids read, so keep that in mind.
  2. Article length isn’t important as what’s in it.  Give the reader enough information to know what you’re talking about, to “get it”.
  3. Leave non-gaming beliefs and ideals at the door.  If a game has a political or religious theme, talk about it, sure, but talking about what the game presents shouldn’t be an open door to discuss real-world versions of those themes.
  4. Have fun.  Don’t be afraid to make jokes, if you like (though preferably without trying to write a contender for the longest joke ever…).  This is a fun hobby, so there’s no need to be completely serious when talking about it, even if the issue at hand is a more serious one.

That’s really it.  They aren’t even hard and fast rules, really, as much as suggestions.  Again, I’ll happily take a look at any submission, and I can be reached by e-mail at retroish_gaming_critic at ymail dot com, with that address also usable for instant messenger chat over Yahoo! Messenger or M.S.N.M.

This is a fun hobby, and one that’s barely passing its infancy at that.  We can come together to talk about it, celebrate it, even poke some good-natured fun at it now and then.


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