Thoughts on Flash Remakes

Adobe Flash has opened up a lot of doors over the years.  A few years ago, one of the bigger doors was opened—the ability to recreate old video games.

With enough time, patience, and effort—not to mention the right kits and a tutorial or two—one can create anything they want, and plenty of talented Flash artists have painstakingly recreated video games—from Kid Icarus to Ski Free to Portal and plenty more besides.

Some of the more popular video games to recreate tend to be older ones, and not only for the nostalgia factor.  They’re easier to recreate, given the limitations inherent in Flash code, and ease means more time can be spent paying attention to the details and making that recreation all the more faithful.

That aside, a Flash recreation can be more than just fun for the artist—it can be a fun trip down memory lane for gamers, and it can be an introduction to an older game for younger gamers.  With computers and Internet-ready smart phones being nearly ubiquitous, youths and kids today have more access to Flash games than old gaming consoles.

Another interesting aspect of Flash remakes is when they aren’t fully remakes, per se.  Take something like the aforementioned Portal or Final Fantasy Flash, which is more an homage to the earlier games than an actual, direct remake.  Games like those are quite enjoyable—faithful to the original in spirit, but bringing a new experience to gamers.  Someone may have played every official Final Fantasy game there is, but this would give them something new, something fun.

Remaking a video game, especially on the Flash platform, is a labor of love.  Sure, you can find a few labors that weren’t really enjoyable, but really, those seem surprisingly few and far between.  Most remakes are sincere, devoted attempts at remaking a classic game with today’s technology for gamers of any era.


2 Responses to “Thoughts on Flash Remakes”

  1. Final Fantasy Flash was fun. 🙂 Thank you for the link.

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