Random Link Round-Up

I don’t know how often this new feature will appear, but a new feature it is nonetheless.  Every now and then, I’ll collect some interesting gaming-related links and post them right here for you. Let’s zip right on into our first Random Link Round-Up, eh?

    • Hero Units: Tips from a Combat Designer
      A great short, easy-to-understand yet comprehensive article on units of distance in gaming, with a suggestion on how to come closer to unifying the terms used.
    • Microsoft eases restrictions on XBLIG development
      Another short article, one that is pretty much what the title suggests.  Microsoft has eased up a bit and given indie game developers a bit more leeway in how they want to do things—pretty spiffy, I say.
    • The PlayStation’s Cult Shooters
      An interesting look back at five PlayStation games that really deserve to be called “classics”.
    • The Top 10 Most Pirated Games Of 2011
      Another small article, listing the top titles pirated for the Wii, the computer, and the 360.  no matter how you feel about pirating anything, surely you’re curious about this.

That’s it for now, fellow gamers.  Until next time!


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