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Review: Star Trek: The Next Generation – Echoes from the Past

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Here it is, friends, the special post I’ve been promising.  This is more than just a review—but what makes it special will be near the end.

So you’re picking through old games at the local shop, or you’re clicking through the bargain pages of a web site. Either way, you come across Star Trek: The Next Generation – Echoes from the Past, and you’re pondering picking it up (the version discussed here is the Genesis version; there are some differences between that one and the S.N.E.S. version which we’ll get to in a moment). Sure, you can go off of reviews written when the game was new–but what was cool as a newborn tribble then may be trifling better than a violently epileptic targ now. So how’s one to know? That’s what I’m here for.
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