Today we are going to take a look at possible the most popular board game ever, Monopoly. As far back as I can remember Monopoly was a game we played often. Growing up with little money for games and outside activities, Monopoly was a game we could all get together and play. I have fond memories of playing with my mom and brothers, whether it was a sunny day or snowy one.
Monopoly has been around for 75 years. That’s older than some of our grandparents. With more than 275 million games having been sold worldwide and available in 111 countries and 43 languages it is apparent that than game is not going anywhere and will out live many of us. There are many specialized editions of the classic game and range even more varies than chess. The sets can be anything from classic to Star Trek and Star Wars, police, fire fighters, world events and so on.

The game is played between two to six or eight players. Each player begins by picking out a token to represent them on the game board and then is given a set amount of money to begin. Each player then takes turns rolling two dice and moving across the board. Then depending on the spot they land on make a decision on what to do, this could be anything from buying a property to drawing a card from the appropriate pile. As the game progresses the player is owning a Monopoly of property buys houses and then hotels raising the price if an other player lands on it. The main objective being to bankrupt your opponents.
So why is this game so popular? Well lets take a look. The first thing has to be the price of the game. Most Monopoly games can be found in retail chains for twenty dollars or less. That is an inexpensive game, with most video games costing sixty to seventy dollars.
The next thing is the amount of time to play. Most games last well over and two hours, with an average of an hour of game play. Now that may not seem like very long, however much of that depends on number of players and how the players play. If for instant you have that one guy/girl who just won’t sell the propriety you need, then the game could last a long time. A side note: the longest Monopoly game played in history lasted for 70 straight days. Now that is a game.
The third thing is the strategy and diversity of the game. Depending on how you see/trade your propriety to gain other pieces of land you need, changes the game. Even with some one owning the two most expensive pieces of propriety are not granted to win. There is a certain amount of luck involved in the game. How the dice land for one and whether or not to stay in jail and hope or doubles or pay the fifty dollars to get out is another. There are many possibilities of the games out come.
The only downside to the game is finding players that are fun to play with. But this goes for any game. Finding players that understand it is a game and supposed to be fun is sometimes difficult.
The overall appeal of the game with its fun pieces and trying to out think your opponent makes for a fun game. So if you have twenty dollars and are looking for something you and friends or family can play for hours, go to your local retail shop and pick up Monopoly.


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