Guest Review: Need for Speed: Most Wanted

It’s time for another review, friends! This one, again, from White Wolf, and he takes us through Need for Speed: Most Wanted.

I realize this is the third guest submission in a row, and hopefully tomorrow we can get back to keeping it a rare treat. For now, though, let’s let White Wolf take that look at Need for Speed: Most Wanted!

The Need for Speed franchise has been around since August 1994 and has seen its shares of ups and downs. With a total of eighteen NFS titles it is obvious that the series is not going away any time soon. Today I will be reviewing what is still considered by most to be the best game in the series.

Need for Speed Most Wanted came out in 2005 and was one of the first games released for the Xbox 360. Unlike previous versions the story was a mix of CGI and live action. With less customization then the previous Need for Speed Underground it was hard to tell if this game would live up to its predecessors. So let’s take a deeper look.

After getting through the “this is a game and only a game and you should not try this at home” warning, you are greeted with the ever popular title screen. After messing around in options and what not you get to the game play. You begin with a nice pimped out BMW M3 GTR following Mia Townsend (played by Josie Maran) trying to prove your worth as a street racer. While being pursued by veteran police officer Sergeant Cross (played by Dean McKenzie). The story continues from there with the main plot being that Sergeant Cross is going to be on you the entire game. While racing you come across your first and main rival of the game Clarence “Razor” Callahan (played by Derek Hamilton). After losing to him, and you will since it sets up the rest of the story for the game, you find out he messed with your car beforehand. Oh the nerve of some racers. Your main objective through the game is to reach the top of the blacklist rivals to take revenge of Razor and beat the game of course. One new feature to the story allows the player to win things after the rival race. After beating the Blacklist rival you are presented with a series of cards, picking one will unlock different things. Cash, upgraded parts, impound strike and even the pink slip to the rival’s car.

The mix of CGI and live action I found to be fun and though it looked cartoony I enjoyed it, I felt like they were real people but at the same time almost like I was watching Cool World. The acting was terrible but not unexpected in a racing game. Really how in depth of a story can you get about a person racing?

The car list is rather extensive in this game, so let me just say 32 cars is a nice selection to play with. I personally love the Porsche while the Retro-ish Gaming Critic is a fan of the Viper. One of the nice things about this game is the My Car section at the menu. In here you pick a car you’ve unlocked through the career mode and customize it without having to spend money. There may be a limit to how many cars you can customize but I have not reached it yet. After customizing your car, you can then use it in the two player mode, which is nice, since you didn’t have to spend money on it and can show it off to a friend. The Retro-ish Gaming Critic and myself have spent many hours customizing cars without every racing them.

There are quite a few different game modes that a player can play instead of career. Some are similar to other NFS games like Circuit, Sprint, Lap Knockout and Drag. But NFSMW offered two new modes that emphasized on speed, Tollbooth where a placer races alone to designated checkpoints along a point-to-point route before time runs out. The second is Speed Trap, where the racer has to reach a designated point at a certain speed.


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