Guest Tuesday Top Ten: Elements in the Halo Series

It’s that time again, friends—time for another Tuesday Top Ten!  Every week, we go through the top ten something-or-anothers related to our hobby, and this week is no different.  This time, thanks again to our friend White Wolf, we’re counting down the top ten elements in the Halo series.

Today is Tuesday November 15, 2011 and the re-release of Halo: Combat Evolved on the Xbox 360. So I thought I would write about Halo-related things, those some of these are for the current generation consoles, I figured we would write about them as well this time. So here we go.

10: Halo Waypoint.
Halo Waypoint is a way for gamers to keep track of their Halo career and things they have accomplished in Halo games. I really like this feature; by completing tasks in the game you can unlock extra stuff, like avatar items. This is a really swell addition to the actual game play and achievements you are already trying to unlock.

9: Running people over. I don’t know why but this is a fun thing in almost any game. Playing through the story with a friend and getting in a vehicle and running them over is just fun. Wait for them to respawn and do it again.

8: Cortana.
I don’t want to go too much into this as it is a family friendly site, but let’s just say that many a men have liked her since the beginning.

7: Vehicles.
I really don’t know what Halo would be like without the vehicles. It is one of the great things about playing Halo. Not only do you get Marine vehicles but also Covenant vehicles and as I said before, running over people who are trying to play with you. There are so many to choose from that it really adds more game play to the game.

6: The music.
As I said before the music of the Halo universe really brings you into the story. It gives you an emotional response that few games do these days. What would Singin’ in the Rain be without music? The same goes for Halo.

5: Space Shooting in Halo Reach.
A new feature to the Halo games, a mission dedicated to flying a ship and shooting down other ones. It was a risky move but was pulled off nicely. The game mechanics look easy enough and the details of space and the ships are impressive.

4: Halo ODST drop cinematic.
I must say the best part and possibly the only cool thing about ODST was the drop scene. During the drop you are able to look around giving the player the feeling of actually dropping from the ship. It was a nice addition to the game, as for the rest; well we will leave that for a future review.

3: Halo: Combat Evolved.
Landing for the first time on one of the Halos was awesome. As you look above you, you see this giant ring over head and I got the sense I was not much bigger than an ant. Just looking around the first level was awesome and distracting from the incoming covenant ship.

2: Halo 2 Ending.
All I can say, is this was by far the best ending in a game I’ve ever seen. It was so emotional and just downright awesome. It still to this day is my favorite ending in a game.

1: Sticky Bombs.
There is nothing more Halo then sticky bombs. Whether you are blowing up the covenant with them or playing through a co-op game and throwing them on the back of your team mate [Revenge is a dish best served cold; remember that for next time. — Ed.], the sticky bomb is awesome.


2 Responses to “Guest Tuesday Top Ten: Elements in the Halo Series”

  1. I would add a couple more :
    – Grunts: hilariously funny throughout the series
    – Explosions: I mean you really see the consequences of your grenade/concussion rifle on that gas tank!
    – The Flood in Halo 3 : definitely a sense of urgency now
    – The magnum pistol : the original, three shots and you’re done. They brought it back with the Anniversary edition and it’s in Reach now as well in dedicated playlists.

    • WhiteWolf Says:

      I would agree with all of those. It is really hard to have just ten things in Halo. I have not played Reach but would like to at some point. I am told it is a great Halo game.

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