Guest Review: The Legend of Spyro: A New Beginning

Yes, friends, you get another review! This one is by the incomparable White Wolf, who takes us through The Legend of Spyro: A New Beginning.

Now, as usual, I’ve left this mostly as-is. Added some links and images, applied only the lightest touch of editing, but the rest is all his.

First let me start off by saying this is by far my wife’s favorite game. After bringing it home I was unable to play my X-Box for three days while she beat it. But today we are going to talk about what makes this game good and bad. So here is my review of The Legend of Spyro: A New Beginning.

Spyro the fun-filled young purple dragon has been around awhile now, first debuting on the PlayStation in 1998. It was meet with great success and more followed. The Legend of Spyro a New Beginning was a reboot of the series and came out in October 2006 for the X-Box, Playstation 2 and Game Cube. One of the fist things that made this game fun for me was the voice acting. Elijah Wood played the voice of Spyro, David Spade as Sparx and Gary Oldman as Igntius. Now while Elijah and Gary were great in this game, David’s character was an annoying little dragon fly and after a few minutes of listing to him, I was already sick of him. But I hold nothing against David Spade and like most of his work.

The story is nice and easy to follow as most games geared towards kids are. You are playing Spyro and learn you are adopted by dragon flies. Through the game you encounter Igntius and learn that you are a rare and legendary purple dragon with great untapped powers. You learn that the dragons are at war with the Dark Master and that a legend tells of a purple dragon that will save the day. I like this because the story does a great job of unfolding before us. Allowing the player to feel more like a dragon who doesn’t know everything to do.

The game play is fairly easy but this time around instead of being a straight forward platformer like previous Spyro games it is more combat based. I really liked that. I mean you are a dragon, how cool is it to be able to go around and burn little sheep and things, it’s awesome. I recommend this to anyone who is a fan of Spyro or just picking it up for the first time.


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