Tuesday Top Ten: Grand Theft Auto III Videos

It’s that time again, friends—time for another Tuesday Top Ten!  Every week, we go through the top ten something-or-anothers related to our hobby, and this week we’re going to count down the top ten videos relating to Grand Theft auto III.

As we discussed yesterday, this month marks the tenth anniversary of Grand Theft Auto III.  Today, we’re going to see what YouTube has to offer for relevant videos.

Now some of these will contain profanity and vulgarity, as a warning.  Keep that in mind as that clicking-finger itches.

With that out of the way, let’s get it on!

10. Gaming in Wine: Grand Theft Auto III in Ubuntu
No matter what operating system one wants to run, what arguments one wants to make for which is “better”, Linux isn’t generally targeted by the big-name software companies, which means that to get software to work on it can seem daunting for someone who isn’t completely comfortable with the system, especially where Wine is concerned.  Essentially, it’s a program that allows Windows-specific programs to run, but mainly if you know what you’re doing.

That’s where moments like this come in, where instructions are laid out in an easy-to-follow manner.  It really helps that this is one of the few cases where getting a game to run in Wine is actually somewhat simple.

09. Mini Mega Mix
Freestyle mixing, more colloquially known as free-mixing, is an interesting aspect of D.J.ing.  It’s when the D.J. creates the music as he goes, relying on little besides their two hands and sense of rhythm, though some also sometimes have a beat in the background.  Whether scratching on a home turn-table or doing a full set on the latest innovative gadget, free-mixing is definitely interesting.

So, what happens when you combine free-mixing with samples of music and other sounds from Grand Theft Auto III?  You get this “Mini Mega Mix, where the D.J. weaves samples together, along with some other work, to create a really fun mix.

08. Getting Inside Joey’s Garage
Trying to get where we aren’t supposed to be is a facet of gaming about as old as the hobby itself.  We’re told we “can’t” get in someplace—so we have to try.  We’ll spend hours and hours working to see what’s on the other side of a locked door, an invisible barrier, or whatever else.

In this case, it’s Joey’s Garage, the interior of which was only seen during cut-scenes.  Getting inside involved using the cheats for speeding up game play, and once inside—well, there wasn’t a whole lot to do, it was getting inside, itself, that mattered.

07. Get Into Hideout
Ranked higher just for how many more players it tantalized and taunted, getting into the hideout involved the same tactic as getting into the garage—the speed-up cheat.  As before, there isn’t anything to actually do, but “doing” things is never really the point of getting where you aren’t supposed to be—it’s the act of getting there, itself.

06. Ghost Police Car
Weird glitches aren’t uncommon to games, though now and then you get one that’s humorous.  Enter the ghost police car, a car that’s moving around of its own accord—with no driver.  In th video, it’s first seen in a ghostly yellowish light, making it all the more humorously spooky.

05. Quick Drunk Let’s Play
What happens when you combine a humorous drunk with the violent video game he loves?  You get this video.  Now, I’m not advocating drunk video-making—but it’s hilarious as heck to watch such.  There are a lot of stereotypes on offer—the rambling, the leaving off mid-sentence, the times of incoherence—that the poster of the video has a good sense of humor about himself certainly helps.

04. Ghost Town
As far as Grand Theft Auto III goes, the grand-daddy of areas we’re not supposed to be but try to anyway has to be the ghost town.  Now, one could use a mod that adds a bridge between the playable game world and the ghost town—but that wouldn’t be as fun.  There are plenty of other ways to get there—a flying tank, skilled use of the Dodo, and so on—but the easiest way is shown in this French video: A helicopter.  Using that also means the player can easily get out and walk around some, which is a definite plus.

03. Easter Eggs
Easter eggs have also been around almost as long as gaming has, and the Grand Theft Auto series is rather renowned for them, with good reason.  Some aren’t easy to get to, others are winks to the player from the developer, but they’re all usually humorous.  Here, someone took the time to find and document most of them in one video.  Some are subtle, though, being Rockstar, the really subtle ones are few and far between—which is, of course, part of the fun.

02. Ultimate Tribute to Liberty
Making a video—more than just recording something and slapping it up on YouTube, actually taking the time to craft a good video—isn’t easy, especially when using a video game as your set.  You have to mimic certain camera angles, make the characters look in the direction you want to work, and so on.  Then you have the editing process, taking it all and blending it together into something that people will want to watch.

Enter this video.  It takes clips from the game and original shots, and blends them all together into a rather slick-looking production.  It actually reminded me of some movie trailers I’d seen, which is a compliment.  The creator really put a lot of effort into this video, and it shows.

01. Car vs. Train
What happens when a train moving at its max speed smacks into a car?  this happens.  It’s a short video, but I admit to cackling aloud when I saw it.  The car flies from one island to another, spinning like a top in the process.  There’s not really a whole lot more to say about it—seeing the title, I expected something like the car going flying, but not like this.  It’s humorous, and well worth the twenty-five seconds it takes to watch.


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