Flash Game Review: Fragger

Time for another new feature—the Flash Game Review!  Every so often, just like with the consoles and computers, we’ll review a Flash game.  There’s an About page written up for it, so let’s get right on into the review.  This time, it’s Fragger by Harito.

Game Play
It’s relatively straight-forward, as is generally true of many physics-based Flash games.  The object is to make the masked men explode by hurling grenades at them, using only the mouse to select the angle and power.  Naturally, it’s not quite that simple.

The grenade-thrower is in a set position, usually on the far left side of the screen.  The enemies can be anywhere; for the first few levels they’re right out in the open, since the game eases you into the harder difficulties.  By the end, there are a good few puzzle elements, especially on the higher difficulties.

The puzzle elements come in because you have a finite number of grenades, and as alluded to the way to get the enemies becomes more complex.  Some levels will require precision aiming to ricochet the grenade just right.  Others will require a bit of thinking through, as you’ll have a few obstacles to overcome.

They’re usually not too difficult; frustration really only comes in on the higher difficulty levels, as discussed in the Replayability section.  One other thing that adds to the puzzle-like atmosphere is how the grenades are handled.  When you start a new game, you can only throw one grenade at a time, and it usually takes a couple-few seconds for them to explode.  As such, sometimes it’s not just a matter of getting a grenade to an enemy as much as getting it to stay there.

You’re a grenadier and you’re trying to “frag” bad guys.  That really is about all the story there is, and even that’s as much deduction as anything else.

The graphics for the grenadier and the bad guys are deceptively simplistic, but the backgrounds are all interesting yet functional.  There’s never a question of if something is “useful”, and they’re well-drawn without being a distraction.

There’s no music, but the menu has a few interesting “ding” variations, and the grenades explode with a nice sound.  The end scene has fireworks which sound pretty good as well.  Nothing is really overbearing in the aural department, though one might want to keep their speakers at around half-volume.

One starts the game on Easy mode, and after they beat that, they earn a “perk”, as well as unlocking the Hard difficulty.  Beat that, get another perk, and unlock Elite.  Beat that, and you get the last perk.  The three perks are being able to throw more than grenade at a time, being able to make one explode at any time, and having an infinite number of grenades.

They make the game easier, sure, but for one thing it’s a good reward for how difficult a few levels are on Elite, the last difficulty.  For another, they also add an interesting element to the game, since you can figure out a few other ways to complete a level.

Then there are the achievements.  Some are pretty easy to get, some aren’t.  Some are easier once you get a few “perks”, which is only more reason to replay the game.

Final Recommendation
All in all, it shouldn’t take you much longer than fifteen or so minutes, less if you use a walkthrough.  Still, there’s plenty of achievements to earn, plenty of reasons to replay the game.  All in all, a great little game.

Game Play: GOOD
Physics-based games sometimes ride a line between luck-based and skill-based.  Fragger leans toward the latter, in quite a nice fashion.

Story: BAD
There are bad guys and you throw grenades at them.  That’s really it.

Graphics: GOOD
Deceptively simple for a Flash game; the enemies explode in bits without being too gory, the grenades look very good, especially when they explode.

No music, though the explosions of the grenades sound very nice.

Replayability: GOOD
Plenty of perks and achievements, on top of the ability to unlock higher difficulties, make the game quite worth playing through more than once.

Final: GOOD
It’s one of those games that is quite easy to get into.  There aren’t a lot of controls to familiarize oneself with; it’s quite easy to just play and enjoy oneself.


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