Guest Submission: When Video Games Become Good Memories

Today’s post is a bit different.  It comes to us from White Wolf, who’s an odd contrast to myself.  I tend to not delve into fighting games too much, where he could rattle off a top ten list of his favorites based on the engine used without even thinking about it.  He was also the one who got me into customization and freedom in games, in finding it enjoyable to personalize a character, to whatever extent.  He offered up a guest article on an oldie but a goodie, Final Fight.

He looks back at a game—but one that was more than “just” a game.  It still represents fond memories of youth and enjoyment, of bonding.  Not many of us are lucky enough to have these kinds of memories, so my thanks go to White Wolf for sharing his.

All I’ve done to it is format it and offer the lightest touch of clean-up.  The words are all his, kept as “pure” as possible.  Without further ado…

I remember fondly going to my dad’s house on the weekends. While most of the time was spent going to the river bed, beach, or playing darts there where those weekends of pure gaming. We would get home Friday night after work, grab a soda and sit down to play Final Fight on the SNES.

I always looked forward to those times. Not having a SNES at my home made it even better. After getting the game on, we would sit back in our recliners and begin our favorite game. It was one of the few SNES games he had that was two players. He would always choose Cody, for the all around fighting style, while I found Haggar to be the best. Sure he was big and slow but the power he unleashed made him the right choice for me.

We would begin on easy and work our way through the game. The graphics at the time amazed me and even so today when I look back I am surprised. The bright colors gave the game a feel of excitement, while the detail was far better than most games I had ever played. You could see the muscles of the characters, while barrels had shadows and everything on the screen looked smooth and well rounded. Even though we fought the same rendered characters over and over we never got bored. There were small yet truly amazing things to us, like how you could tell the differences between two identical characters was by their name and health bar.

The story was never something we cared much for, though looking back it was a good story. Haggar is named new mayor of Metro City and the Mad Gear Gang kidnaps his daughter to gain leverage over him. He gets his daughter’s boyfriend Cody to help him out, and Cody gets his sparring partner Guy to come along as well and get Jessica back.

After beating the game on easy we would go through and beat it again on medium and hard. No matter how long the game took and no matter how many continues we went through we would not finish playing until we had beat the game. It was a still is a great default game.

Again, thanks for that, White Wolf.  Would that more of us could have a game like that.


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