Thoughts on Perhaps the Cutest Thing Ever

There are a lot of cute and even adorable things to and in our hobby.  Whether it be chibi characters, a cutesy and bright world, a game based on Lolcats, or whatever else.  These are the things we think of when we think of cuteness in our hobby—but we may have to re-think that.  What about when a five-year-old girl creates, designs, and voices a video game?

Hi!  My name’s Sissy, and I friggin’ love ponycorns!  They’re the best thing in the world ’cause they’re like ponies and unicorns.  They’re ponycorns!

That’s your introduction to Sissy, the protagonist in the point-and-click game Sissy’s Magical Ponycorn Adventure.  Voiced by five-year-old Cassie, you guide Sissy through rainbows that act like portals as you find and/or rescue five ponycorns.  Cassie drew all of the art for the game, came up with the characters, lent her voice to Sissy, and even helped come up with some of the puzzles (such as a dastardly evil lemon that’s holding a ponycorn hostage, and you have to figure out how to free the ponycorn).  She was aided by her father Ryan, who discusses the game and Cassie’s help on his blog (good luck trying to access it, though; as of this writing it’s still overcome with the well-deserved traffic).

I think it’s fair to say that this is—and I don’t think I’m overrating or exaggerating—quite possibly one of the most fantastic things that our hobby has seen since the first person thought someone might like to play games on their home television.  It just has everything—a young girl being encouraged to enter the hobby of video games without scorn or being limited, a girl given support as she tried to execute a gaming idea, and a game that’s so sweetly cute my teeth hurt and I’m pretty sure I just contracted diabetes.

It’s the kind of game that immediately brightens your day, no matter what happened in it.  Caught in a bank robbery for three days and you were scared for your life?  Car towed, making you late for work by four hours?  Full name one letter different from a highly wanted suspect of the police and you spent three weeks in jail until it was sorted out?  When you get home, just play through the Ponycorn Adventure and you’ll be right as rain in no time.

One must wonder what the future will hold, if she keeps her enjoyment of video games and of making them.  There’s so much potential, right there.  In twenty or thirty years, she might be at the helm of a rising game development team, bringing out games that make us older gamers hang our heads for not realizing how much awesomeness there could be in our hobby.

Or not, really.  For all we know, she might forget about video games in a few years, and move on to other hobbies.  There’s a part of me, of course, that hopes she does stay in the game business, continuing to grace gamers with cuteness and simple fun, but whatever she does, with her father backing her like that and her own imagination, I can only believe that she will be simply splendid at.

This is a short one this time, yes; and no, it’s not some hint that I’m slacking off, giving up, or anything else.  There just isn’t more to say about a bright girl with such a great future ahead of her no matter what she does with it.

Well—that and I’m going to go find all the ponycorns again.


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